Undergraduate Courses, Spring 2002

Times and locations of class meetings are subject to change. Consult the UF Schedule of Courses for official class times and locations and an explanation of the class period abbreviations.

Lower Division (1000–2000) Special Content Courses

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Course no. Section Time(s) Room Course title Instructor
moreAML 2410 1615 MWF 2 TUR 2305 I the People: American Individualism & Universalism in Literature and Culture Garcia
moreAML 2410 1616 MWF 3 TUR 2318 Southern Landscapes & the Ghosts that Haunt Them; or, Southern Landscapes, Southern Myths Shaheen
moreENC 1145 1730 MWF 2 ROL 105 Writing about Victorian Children’s Literature Sinn
moreENC 1145 1731 T/R 7/7–8 AND 134 Writing about Sexual Dissidence Shahani
moreENC 1145 4388 MWF 5 TUR 2328 Writing about the Law in Literature O’Donnell
moreENC 1145 4404 MWF 6 ROL 105 Writing about Personal Patchworks: Piecing Music, Images, & Texts in the Electronic Age Norcia
moreENC 1145 1733 MWF 7 TUR 2354 Writing about Feminism Chancey
moreENC 1145 4405 T/R 2–3/3 ROL 314 Writing about the Piecing Together of Meaning: Material Quilts, Electronic Quilts, and the Monster’s Result Hager
moreENC 1145 1734 T/R 4/4–5 ROL 314 Writing about Education Cardozo
moreENC 1145 4415 T/R 5–6/6 ROL 314 Course title unavailable Bandyopadhya
moreENG 2935 1785 MWF 3 TUR 2303 Honors Seminar: Virginia Woolf New
moreENG 2935 8120 T 4 R 4-5 TUR 2305 Honors Seminar: Artists Who Work In More Than One Medium Homan