Undergraduate Courses, Fall 2004

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Lower Division (1000–2000) Special Content Courses

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Honors Seminar: Poetry Writing

William Logan

Course description not available at this time.


ENC 1145

Writing About Football

Kevin McCarthy

Purpose of course: To think, learn, and write about football by reading literature and writing a series of varied assignments. We will discuss the history of the game in some detail, both the college and professional levels, have an appropriate guest lecturer, and see at least one video on the sport. We will have an etymology and rule quiz every class session. ENC 1145 fulfills 3 hours of the General Education requirement in English Composition. It presupposes no previous knowledge of football.

Text: The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL by Tim Green (Warner Books, 1996). This is available in the Campus Bookstore.

Writing assignments: Because this is a Gordon Rule course, students will write a minimum of 6,000 graded words: five essays, each 1,200 words long. Assignments will include different types of writing, for example, the Argumentative Essay (Should high schoolers be allowed/encouraged to jump to the NFL? Should there be a cap on rookie salaries?), the Comparative-Contrastive Essay (on two different football teams or positions or leagues or on the difference between football and another sport), a Descriptive Essay (on one player or team or league), and a Critique Essay about a football-related book to be read outside of class. Late papers will be penalized two points for each day late; a paper due on Thursday and handed in on the following Tuesday will lose ten points. Papers are due on these Tuesdays: Sept. 7 & 21; Oct. 5 & 19; and Nov. 2.

Tests: There will be five tests for a total of 60 points, which will be divided by two for the test component part of the grade. Tests will be on the following dates: Sept. 14 & 28; Oct. 12 & 26; Nov. 16; and Dec. 7.


Attendance is required; every three unexcused absences will result in the loss of one point from the total.

Percentage of grade components:


ENC 2210

Technical Writing

Instructor Varies



The aim of this course is to prepare you for writing and designing documents in technical and professional discourse communities. You will produce a number of technical genres – correspondence, reports, a proposal, and instructions – for various technical and lay audiences. Some of these assignments are taken from cases based on real-world situations and present you with a set of rhetorical considerations and constraints. Other assignments ask you to help identify actual situations to which you will respond. In both cases we will approach technical writing rhetorically, discussing such topics as organizational conventions, visual design, and style in the context of specific rhetorical situations.

Class will usually take place in a discussion or workshop format in which you will at different times discuss assigned readings, complete in-class writing and other exercises, critique sample documents, critique peers’ documents, and even lead discussions. Come to class prepared to interact. Because technical writing in the workplace is often collaborative, you will write the last three assignments in small teams.

This course satisfies the requirements of the Gordon Rule if all assigned work is completed.

Course Objectives


LIN 2670

English Grammar

Kevin McCarthy

Purpose of course: A practical course in the basics of English grammar, including vocabulary, syntax, semantics, spelling, and pronunciation. No previous knowledge of English grammar is presumed. Because this will be an intensive course, please come to class prepared to participate in every session.

Text: Grammar packet available under LIN 2670 at the Campus Bookstore.

Requirements: 7 tests, each worth 14 pts. + 2 extra questions on the final test = 100 pts.

Grading scale: A = 90–100; B = 80–89; C = 70–79; D = 60–69; E = 0–59. The top three numbers in each category will earn a +, e.g. 87, 88, 89 = B+. If you miss a test, I will double the value of the next one. If you miss two tests in a row, I will triple the value of the next one. There will be no make-up tests. You may not skip the last test.

The seven tests will be on the following days:

  1. Thursday, Sept. 9
  2. Thursday, Sept. 23
  3. Thursday, Oct. 7
  4. Thursday, Oct. 21
  5. Thursday, Nov. 4
  6. Thursday, Nov. 18
  7. Tuesday, Dec. 7

The tests will be cumulative. The 7th test, which is not a final exam, will have an extra two points on it to bring the total for the course to 100 points.