Undergraduate Courses, Summer 2006

Times and locations of class meetings are subject to change. Consult the UF Schedule of Courses for official class times and locations and an explanation of the class period abbreviations.

Upper Division (3000–4000) Courses, Summer Sessions A & B

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Summer A
Course no. Section Time(s) Room Course title Instructor
moreAML 4685 0772 MTWTF 6 TUR 1101 Race & Ethnicity in Twentieth-Century American Literature: Jewish-American Fiction Gordon
moreENC 3312 DEP-X MTWTF 3 MAT 7 Advanced Argumentative Writing Carpenter
moreENG 3010 0798 MTWTF 2 TUR 2305 The Theory & Practice of Modern Criticism Sánchez
moreENL 4333 0393 MTWTF 6 TUR 1315 Shakespeare Rudnytsky
moreLIN 3680 0808 MTWTF 5 TUR 2342 Modern English Structure Thompson
moreLIT 4331 0636 MTWTF 3 TUR 1315 Children’s Literature Cech
moreLIT 4535 0629 MTWTF 2 TUR 1105 Women and Popular Culture: Genre & Fluidity in African American Women’s Popular Culture Horton-Stallings
moreLIT 4930 1056 MTWTF 5 TUR 2318 Gothic, Haunting, & the Uncanny Wolfreys
Summer B
Course no. Section Time(s) Room Course title Instructor
moreENL 3132 5259 MTWTF 2 TUR 1315 English Novel: 20th Century McCrea
moreLIT 3041 4938 MTWTF 4 TUR 2336 Studies in Drama: Citizen Comedy & Domestic Tragedy in the Age of Shakespeare Thomson