Undergraduate Courses, Spring 2010

Times and locations of class meetings are subject to change. Consult the UF Schedule of Courses for official class times and locations and an explanation of the class period abbreviations.

Lower Division (1000–2000) Special Content Courses

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Course no. Section Time(s) Room Course title Instructor
ENC 1145 7376 MWF 3 MAT 12 Writing about Young Adult Fiction Lee
ENC 1145 7397 MWF 4 UST 108 Writing about Adaptation Brown
ENC 1145 7401 MWF 6 MAEA 327 Writing about 19th-Century British Literature Wiehl
ENC 1145 7411 MWF 7 MAEB 229 Writing about Nature Dowbnia
ENC 1145 7426 MWF 8 MAT 116 Writing about Testimony & Memory in Victorian Culture Addcox
ENC 1145 7432 MWF 2 AND 32 Writing about the South Dominy
ENC 1145 7438 T 8-9, R 9 MAT 117 Writing about the University Valjee
down link buttonENL 2930 4709 T 4, R 4-5 TUR L005 The Short Story in English Leavitt