Undergraduate Courses, Spring 2014

Times and locations of class meetings are subject to change. Consult the UF Schedule of Courses for official class times and locations and an explanation of the class period abbreviations.

Lower Division (1000–2000) Special Content Courses

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Course no. Section Time(s) Room Course title Instructor
AML 2410 1615 MWF 7 MAT 0116 Issues in American Literature & Culture: The New World Laboratory: Scientific Inquiry and the American Identity Angela Walther
AML 2410 1616 MWF 3 MCCB 1108 Issues in American Literature & Culture: Transatlantic America: Making Contact with “The New World” and the Old Samantha Banal
AML 2410 4800 T 8-9, R 9 MAT 0115 Issues in American Literature: Early American Women Writers Sarah Hayes
AML 2410 5700 MWF 8 CBD 210 Issues in American Literature & Culture: Digitizing Early American Literature David Lawrimore
CRW 2300 1644 M 9-11 TUR 2353 Poetry Writing Logan
ENC 1145 07F0 MWF 6 LAR 0239 Writing About the Rhetorical Tradition of (Student) Activism Scott Sundvall
ENC 1145 7376 MWF 3 MAT 007 Writing About “Otherness” Berit Brink
ENC 1145 7397 MWF 7 MAT O117 Writing About Insanity & the Discipline of Psychiatry Asmaa Ghonim
ENC 1145 7401 MWF 6 MAT 0116 Writing About Theatre Gabriel Mayora
ENC 1145 7411 MWF 7 MAT 0251 Writing About the Culture Wars in Contemporary Art Jacob Riley
ENC 1145 7438 T 8-9, R 9 CBD 0212 Writing About Twentieth Century War & Conflict Andrea Caloiaro
ENG 1131 1786 MWF 6
M E1-E3
WEIL 0408A Writing Through Media: Consumer Culture Andrea Krafft
ENG 1131 1788 MWF 5
W E1-E3
WEIL 0408A Writing Through Media: Games Melissa Bianchi
ENG 1131 4841 MWF 4
T E1-E3
WEIL 0408A Writing Through Media: Transmedia Adaptation Casey Wilson
ENG 1131 4859 MWF 8
W E1-E3
CSE E211A Writing Through Media: Image & Interactive Texts NaToya Faughnder
ENG 1131 7489 MWF 7
R E1-E3
WEIL 0408A Writing Through Media: Remix & Remediation Shannon Butts
ENL 2930 4709 T 4, R 4-5 LIT 0109 Myths of the Child Cech