Undergraduate Courses, Spring 2015

Times and locations of class meetings are subject to change. Consult the UF Schedule of Courses for official class times and locations and an explanation of the class period abbreviations.

Non-Repeatable Courses

Students may not repeat for credit courses that are not listed as repeatable in the Undergraduate Catalog. If you register for non-repeatable courses that you have previously taken, you will earn no credit for those courses and they will not count toward fulfillment of degree requirements.

While some upper-division courses taught by the Department of English are repeatable for credit, many are not. You are responsible for knowing which courses may, and which courses may not, be repeated. You should, therefore, consult the Undergraduate Catalog in order to confirm that courses for which you wish to register more than once are, in fact, repeatable for credit.

Upper Division (3000–4000) Courses

Note: Course numbers listed in the table below are linked to course descriptions. Descriptions will open in a new web page in this window. Use your browser’s “back” function to return to this page.

Course no. Section Time(s) Room Course title Instructor
moreAML 3041 1176 M W F 5 LIT 0239 American Lit. 2 1865–Present: The American War Machine Al-Tabaa
moreAML 3285 1H96 T 7, R 7-8 TUR 2333 American Indian Literature Hegeman
moreAML 3607 4174 W 9-11 TUR 2322 African-American Literature 2 (cross-listed with AFA 3930/sec. 1F31) Reid
moreAML 4685 101A M 3-5 TUR 2305 Women Writing About Race (cross-listed with AFA 4931/sec. 1H19 and WST 4930/sec. 1F51) King
moreAML 4685 101E R 9-11 TUR 2336 Black Drama (cross-listed with AFA 4931/sec. 1H30) Reid
moreCRW 3110 1B58 M 9-11 FLI 0117 Advanced Seminar in Fiction Writing Hempel
moreCRW 3310 08DF M 3-5 RNK 0106 Advanced Seminar in Poetry Writing Mlinko
moreCRW 3310 4923 M 9-11 UST 0108 Advanced Seminar in Poetry Writing Logan
moreCRW 4905 102B M 6-8 CBD 0216 Senior Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop Powell
moreCRW 4906 2017 R 3-5 CBD 0216 Senior Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop Mlinko
moreENC 3310 5599 T 4, R 4-5 CBD 0210 Advanced Exposition Weakland
moreENC 3312 06ED T 5-6,
R 6
NRN G512
Advanced Argumentative Writing Gries
moreENG 3010 13C9 M W F 4 TUR 2346 Theory and Practice of Modern Criticism Murchek
moreENG 3121 1063 T 4, R 4-5
W E1-E3
TUR 2322
ROL 115
History of Film 1 Mennel
moreENG 4015 1B09 M 10-E1 TUR 2350 Search for the Self Rudnytsky
moreENG 4133 1G33 T 2-3, R 3
M E1-E3
TUR 2322
TUR 2322
The Disappearing Man Burt
moreENG 4135 07E6 T 7, R 7-8
T 9-11
TUR 2334
ROL 115
The Music of French Cinema (cross-listed with FRT 3520/sec. 065H) Blum
moreENG 4135 1362 T 5-6, R 6
M 9-11
TUR 2322
ROL 115
Turkish German Cinema (cross-listed with GET 4930/sec. 12A2) Mennel
moreENG 4135 18C3 T 8-9, R 9
R E1-E3
TUR 2322
ROL 115
Introduction to Japanese Cinema (cross-listed with JPT 3391/sec. 05GF) Nagata
moreENG 4136 13E3 M 4, W 4-5
T E1-E3
ROL 115
ROL 115
Video Production DeFilippo
moreENG 4146 13E4 M 7-8, W 7
R 9-11
ROL 115
ROL 115
Advanced Video Production DeFilippo
moreENG 4905 DEP-X TBA TBA Independent Study Smith
moreENG 4936 DEP-X W 6-8 MAT 0006 Honors Seminar: Sexing the Past: American Literature and Sexuality to 1900 Schorb
moreENG 4936 DEP-X T 10-E1 CBD 0212 Honors Seminar: Chaucer and Censorship Shoaf
moreENG 4940 DEP-X TBA TBA Internship Smith
moreENG 4953 04AD T W 9-11 TUR 2334 Department Seminar: Philosophy, Dialogues, and the Cinema Ray
moreENG 4970 DEP-X TBA TBA Honors Thesis Project Smith
moreENL 3154 11A8 T 7, R 7-8 TUR 2306 20th Century British Poetry Bryant
moreENL 3251 1188 M W F 7 TUR 2328 Victorian Literature Hadyk-DeLodder
moreENL 4221 075F T 9-11 TUR 1315 Milton's Major Poems (cross-listed with MEM 4931/sec. 005H) Rudnytsky
moreENL 4333 3361 T 2-3, R 3 TUR 2333 Shakespeare: Doing It Homan
moreLIT 3041 1B16 T 5-6, R 6 TUR 2318 The Art and Craft of Comedy Homan
moreLIT 3043 11D3 T 4, R 4-5 TUR 2349 Modern Drama: Doing It Homan
moreLIT 3383 15G8 T 4, R 4-5 TUR 2333 Women Writers and Classical Myth: Traditions & Inventions (cross-listed with CLT 3930/sec. 106D and IDH 3931/sec. 12GE) Bryant and Eaverly
moreLIT 3383 2G62 T 7-8, R 8 MAT 0002 African Women Writers (cross-listed with SSW 4713/005G) Lugano
moreLIT 3400 15BA W 9-11 NRN G514i Internet Literature Ulmer
moreLIT 4188 1C88 T 4, R 4-5 TUR 2354 Tourism and Caribbean Literature (cross-listed with AFA 4931/sec. 1H41) Rosenberg
moreLIT 4194 1C99 W 6-8 TUR 2334 Afro-European Literature and Culture Reid
moreLIT 4194 7307 R 9-11 TUR 2346 Fictions of Africa Amoko
moreLIT 4322 1D09 T 7, R 7-8 TUR 2346 The Folktale Cech
moreLIT 4331 1D25 T 4, R 4-5 TUR 2350 Children’s Literature Cech
moreLIT 4333 11B8 M 9-11 TUR 1101 Literature for Adolescents Ulanowicz
moreLIT 4334 187A M W F 6 RNK 0106 Golden Age of Children’s Literature Bhadury
moreLIT 4483 06EF T 8-9, R 9 WEIL 408A Public Culture, Writing, and (Viral) Circulation Gries
moreLIT 4930 11B9 T 4, R 4-5 TUR 2353 Bibliomania! Swift, Sterne, & c. Burt
moreLIT 4930 11C0 M 9-11 TUR 2306 Creative Nonfiction Hofmann
moreLIT 4930 11DB R 10-E1 TUR 2305 Dante for English Majors Shoaf