MFA@FLA Places

These are some places where we are, and things to do. All photos on the page are by John Moran, one of our program supporters.


Horse at Sunset Cumberland Island National Seashore, about three hours northeast.

trees on beach Big Talbot Island State Park, about two hours northeast.

sea oats St. Joseph Peninsula State Park on the majestic panhandle. Water as clear as Bimini.

beach trees A beach at Cedar Keys, about an hour away.

alligator with baby We have woods, and things in them.

girl-in-spring Dogwood Springs, one of many like it in the area. The water is clear and cold.

biker There is a lot of biking here, urban and not.

twin-palms Paynes Prairie, a 21,000-acre wetland two miles from campus. Click here for more photos of Paynes Prairie, these by photographer Dominick Martino.

all photos © John Moran