US Imperalisms Poster

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“US Imperialisms: Inside and Out”

a conference at the University of Florida
February 11, 2005

This conference takes the botched imperial annexation of Iraq and controlling mechanisms such as the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security as occasion to examine the various forms in which US imperialism manifests itself. The conference will particularly emphasize the role of culture in legitimating or undermining US dominance within the world system. It will also foreground in this context the control of US minority populations.

9:30 AM.
Ruth McQuown Room, 219 Dauer Hall.

Melani McAlister, “Imagining Islam: American Evangelicals, Popular Culture, and Global Politics”

1:15 PM.
Ruth McQuown Room, 219 Dauer Hall.

Philip Deloria, “From Nation to Neighborhood: Land, Policy and Culture in US Indian Relations”

3:30 PM.
Keene Center, Dauer Hall.

Susan Willis, “Quien es mas Macho? The Abu Ghraib Photos”

About the presenters

Philip Deloria is Professor of History and American Studies at the University of Michigan. He is the author of Indians in Unexpected Places (2004) and Playing Indian (1996), and co-editor of The Blackwell Companion to Native American History (2001).

Melani McAlister is Associate Professor of American Studies and International Affairs at George Washington University. She is the author of Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and US Interests in the Middle East (2001). She has published widely on US culture and foreign policy, including articles for The Washington Post and The Nation.

Susan Willis is Professor of English at Duke University. She is the author of Specifying: Black Women Writing the American Experience (1987) and A Primer for Daily LIfe (1991), and co-author of Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at DIsney World (1995).

Sponsored by the Department of English, University of Florida. All events are free and open to the public.