Martin Bauman: Or, A Sure Thing

Martin Bauman: Or, A Sure ThingDavid Leavitt

Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000
ISBN: 0395902436

David Leavitt’s deliciously sharp new novel is a multilayered dissection of literary and sexual mores in the get-ahead eighties, when outrageous success lay seductively within reach of any young writer ambitious enough to grab it.

At the dawn of the Reagan era, Martin Bauman – nineteen, clever, talented, and insecure – is enrolled at a prestigious college with a hard-won place under the tutelage of the legendary and enigmatic Stanley Flint, a man who can make or break careers with the flick of a weary hand. Martin is poised on the brink of the writing life, and his twin desires, equally urgent, are to get into print and find his way out of the closet.

As he makes his way through the wilderness of New York – falling in love, going to parties, and coming to terms with the emerging chaos of AIDS – Martin matures from brilliant student, to apprentice in a Manhattan publishing house, to one of the golden few to be anointed by the highly regarded magazine in which it is every young writer’s dream to be published. Yet despite his apparent success, his emotional and creative desires stubbornly refuse to be satisfied, and his every achievement is haunted by that austere and troubling image of literary perfection, his elusive mentor, Stanley Flint.

An irresistibly entertaining epic, erotic, honest, and funny, Martin Bauman lays bare the life of the artist, in all his venal, envious, poignant glory.

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