Ronald Carpenter


Ronald Carpenter received his PhD in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin, where his doctoral focus was rhetorical theory, particularly the canon of style in written discourse. He is the author to date of several books: The Eloquence of Frederick Jackson Turner (1983), History as Rhetoric: Style, Narrative, and Persuasion (1995), Father Charles E. Coughlin: Surrogate Spokesman for the Disaffected (1998), Rhetoric in Martial Deliberations and Decision Making: Cases and Consequences (2004), and co-author of Douglas MacArthur: Warrior as Wordsmith (1997). His more than sixty other scholarly publications include book chapters in anthologies and research articles in journals such as Communication Monographs, Language and Style, Huntington Library Quarterly, Naval History, Communication Quarterly, Style, Presidential Studies Quarterly, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Communication Studies, The Quarterly Journal of Speech, Marine Corps Gazette, and Army History (forthcoming). He also published a writing textbook, Choosing Powerful Words: Eloquence that Works (1999).

His awards for scholarship and teaching include the National Communication Association Douglas Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award (2004) and a Golden Anniversary Monograph Prize for Outstanding Scholarship (1984), the Southern States Communication Association Teacher-Scholar Award (1999), the endowed Giles Wilkeson Gray Lectureship at Louisiana State University (2001), listing in Communication Education as among the “Top 3% of Active Prolific Scholars in Communication Studies” (1993), and a University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award (2001–2002) for his upper-division courses in rhetoric and composition. As a continuing consultant, his “Write Well – Right Now” workshop-seminar is presented frequently for diverse groups including corporate executives, public relations professionals, public defenders, CPAs, speechwriters, judges, English teachers, incoming classes of officers at the U.S. Naval War College, and the California Bar Association (for whom the program has been repeated several times at Annual State Meetings since 1981).


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