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ImageText Editor—Terry Harpold, University of Florida
Associate Editor—Anastasia Ulanowicz, University of Florida
Founder and Editor, Emeritus—Donald Ault, University of Florida

Editorial Advisory Board:
Fredric Jameson, Duke University
W.J.T. Mitchell, University of Chicago
Jerome J. McGann, University of Virginia

The objective of ImageTexT is to advance critical and historical analysis of comics, animation, illustrated poetry and prose, and related literary and artistic genres combining image and text, in print and digital forms. Exploring all periods and all national traditions and deploying a wide range of disciplinary approaches, ImageTexT seeks to foster innovative discussions of comics and related imagetexts, to generate original formal analyses, and to broaden theoretical discussions of genre, period, narrative, and medium.

Under the direction of an editorial board comprised of scholars from diverse critical traditions, we publish solicited and peer-reviewed essays investigating the material, historical, theoretical, and cultural implications of imagetextuality, as well as reviews of current scholarship, announcements regarding conferences and forthcoming publications, and links to other projects of interest to the journal’s broad readership. We also publish new English-language translations of previously-published criticism in these areas of research. ImageTexT is listed in the MLA Bibliography.

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General Editor, John Cech

Recess!No longer on the air – but archived on the Web – Recess! was a daily public radio program that focused on the dynamic cultures of childhood – the ones that we adults remember and those that children are living today. Films, books, music, television, the internet, toys, games, folklore, comics, the arts, Recess! covers them all through its mix of commentaries, reviews, sound essays, stories, interviews, and biographical and historical notes. The show was a co-production of UF’s Center for Children’s Literature and Culture and WUFT-FM. Its regular contributors included award-winning writers, storytellers, and public radio commentators, as well as graduate students wishing to gain firsthand experience as intellectuals in the public sphere through involvement in the research and production of program segments. Recess! was on the air for seven years. It reached an estimated, potential, national daily audience of 20 million listeners and a global international Internet audience through audio archives on the program’s WWW site.

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SubtropicsEditor, David Leavitt
Managing Editor, Mark Mitchell
Poetry Editor, Sidney Wade

Subtropics seeks to publish the best literary fiction, essays, and poetry being written today, both by established and emerging authors. We appreciate work in translation and, from time to time, republish important and compelling stories, essays, and poems that have lapsed out of print. Contributors to Subtropics include John Barth, Harold Bloom, Anne Carson, Allan Gurganus, Joanna Scott, Eileen Pollack, Manil Suri, Ben Sonnenberg, Chris Bachelder, Lucia Perillo, David Lehman, and Les Murray.

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