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Roger Beebe has been hard at work as usual, and a few folks have taken notice. His film “The Strip Mall Trilogy” (2001) was recently reviewed in epdFILM (April 2003, p. 58): “Die STRIP MALL TRILOGY ist nicht nur eine Dokumentation der Hässlichkeit der Städte, mit ihrer hypnotischen Atmosphäre erzeugt sie ein permanentes Gefühl der Fremdheit.” Beebe doesn’t read German, but he’s convinced it’s a positive review. More convincing still is the recent review in Film Threat which calls the film “a remarkable piece of super 8 alchemy.” And a little ink was devoted to his scholarship as well: his essay on Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur is (mis)cited by Alex Ross in the current New Yorker.

Andrew Gordon and Norman Holland organized and presented papers at the International Conference on Literature and Psychology at the University of Greenwich, England, July 2–7, 2003. This year’s Conference was the twentieth of this very successful series of annual international meetings, which was begun by Norman Holland and several European scholars of literature and psychology in 1983. At Greenwich, 53 papers were presented by conferees from France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, England, Israel, Iran, Canada, and the United States. Four participants from the University of Florida attended: Norman Holland, Andrew Gordon, Bertram Wyatt-Brown (UF, History), and Anne Wyatt-Brown UF, Linguistics). Andrew Gordon delivered a paper entitled “Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’: Oedipus Redux.” Norm Holland presented a paper entitled “Did Hamlet Have a Big Toe? Neuropsychology and Literary Character.” The next International Conference on Literature and Psychology will be held June 30–July 5, 2004 in Arles, France. For more information, contact Andrew Gordon at <>.


James Haskins’s reviews of We Fish (by Jack L. Daniel and Omari C. Daniel) and Black Fathers: A Call for Healing (by Kristin Clark Taylor) appeared in the Sunday, June 15 issue of the St. Petersburg Times. Professor Haskins’s book Pinkney Benton Stewart Pinchback (Macmillan, 1973; updated and reissued as America’s First Black Governor by Africa World Press, 1996) is cited, with commentary, as number 13 in Clifford Mason’s The African American Bookshelf – 50 Must Reads from the Civil War to Today (Citadel Press, 2003), pp. 79-80.

Tace Hedrick’s book Mestizo Modernism: Race, Nation, and Identity in Latin American Culture, 1940–1990 has just been published by Rutgers University Press.

UF’s 150th Anniversary Committee has just published Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future: The University of Florida, 1853–2003, co-authored by Carl Van Ness and Kevin McCarthy.


R. Brandon Kershner’s extended note “Harold Nicolson’s Visit with Joyce” appears in the Winter 2002 issue of James Joyce Quarterly, 325–30.

Kevin McCarthy has been named the UF Distinguished Alumni Professor for 2003–05.


Andrew Gordon chaired a panel on “Norman Mailer at 80” at the American Literature Association Conference in Cambridge, MA, May 22–25. He also presented a paper entitled “Spielberg’s Minority Report: Precrime and Pre-emptive Strikes” in a session on Film and Literature at the same conference.


Terry Harpold presented a paper titled “Des leçons d’abîme: Intertextual Relays of the Voyages extraordinaires” at the 2003 meeting of the North American Jules Verne Society, Tampa, FL, May 9–11.

James Haskins’s books Outward Dreams: Black Explorers in America and Against All Opposition: Black Inventors and Their Inventions (Walker & Co., 1991), have been updated and reissued in paperback form by Walker & Co. “You’re Under Arrest,” a chapter from Haskins’s Rosa Parks: My Story, by Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins, has been excerpted in Lee Odell et al., Elements of Language: Introductory Course (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 2001), 19–20. His reviews of Randall Kennedy’s Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word and Glenn C. Loury’s The Anatomy of Racial Inequality appeared in the Winter 2003 issue of Flavour: Black Florida Life and Style.

Roger Thompson presented a paper titled “‘That Stinks Doesn’t It?’ Tag Questions for Small Talk” at the 27th Annual Conference of Sunshine State TESOL, Jacksonville, FL, May 2.

News of Current Students


Harun Karim Thomas’s “Free Above Sea: Jazz Speaks i.m.” screened at the Colored Pictures Film Festival in Durham, NC, on July 11.


Afshin Hafizi presented a paper entitled “Reda Bensmaia’s The Year of Passages and the Deterritorialization of Language” at the annual ASCA conference (Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis), June 18–20.


Aaron Shaheen’s article “Henry James’s Southern Mode of Imagination: Men, Women, and the Image of the South in The Bostonians” appears in the current issue of The Henry James Review.

Rosa E. Soto was recently the recipient of an Irene Thompson Scholarship and an O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship Supplementary Award.

Laurie Taylor, Michael Sansone, and Brendan Riley presented “MUD Spaces, Narrative Play, and Educational MOOs” at the 2003 Computers and Writing Conference, Purdue University (Lafayette, IN), May 24.


Harun Karim Thomas’s article “How to Do ‘Whatever’ in Three Assignments” appears in the current Computers and Composition Online.

News of Former Students


Jennifer Ann Savino’s note “Bloom Bust” appears in the Winter 2002 issue of James Joyce Quarterly, 346–47.


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