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Undergraduate Programs of Study

Undergraduate study in English at the University of Florida prepares students for diverse careers in law, publishing, advertising, media and business, teaching and advanced degree work. Courses offered by the Department introduce students to a world of experiences that cannot be exhausted in the brief span of a college education; new authors, new works, new media, and new tools for understanding continually enlarge and transform the world. With the help of faculty advisers, undergraduate majors in English select from courses in various forms, periods and approaches. In addition, students may develop special expertise in one of several programs; for example, communication and creative writing, study of the language itself, theory of media, literary study or cultural studies…


Graduate Programs of Study

The Department of English offers two graduate degrees: the MFA in Creative Writing and the PhD in English. Our course offerings and programs of study are uniquely diverse and flexible. In addition to offerings in the traditional literary periods and Creative Writing, interdisciplinary areas of particular strength include film studies, media and technology studies, cultural studies, children’s literature and culture, literary theory, rhetoric and composition, and postcolonial studies.

Our graduate students can also take advantage of the University of Florida’s strengths in a variety of areas of related interest, including African Studies, Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies and Women’s Studies and Gender Research. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries is one of the largest scholarly libraries in the Southeast and holds a number of important collections in areas of relevance to students in English…


Other Academic Programs & Organizations


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