Undergraduate Models


The study of drama in the English department can be a “hands-on” experience, with students getting the chance to act and direct, to learn about the theatre by “doing” it. Besides the text, theatre involves physical, spacial, and temporal dimensions; actors are concerned with their characters’ “objects” and “subtext.” Performance itself involves an audience which witnesses and ratifies the onstage action. Through the wide interests of its faculty as well as opportunities to do independent study which involves working in productions, the English department can embrace drama as both literature and performance. Moreover, with courses in English, American Afro-American, and World Literature, as well as offerings in film, criticism, psychology, the department provides a context for the study of drama that is broader than that offered by traditional theater departments.

Expected Courses:
Theoretical Issues Related to a Particular Genre or Medium – at least one of the following:
Critical Context for the Drama – at least one of the following:
Supplementary Courses: Five other 3000/4000 level English courses.

Recommended: Courses that provide the literary, cultural, and historical context for the drama, such as LIT 3362 (Age of the Avant-Garde), ENL 3132 (English Novel: 20th Century), ENL 3154 (20th-Century British Poetry), ENL 4220 (Renaissance Literature: 16th Century), ENL 4221 (Renaissance Literature: 17th Century), AML 3041 (American Literatures II ), AML 3270 (African-American Literature I), AML 3271 (African-American Literature II), LIT 4188 (World English Language Literatures), LIT 4194 (African Literature in English), etc.

Note: In addition to the above, Independent Study in Acting and Performance is available through Professor Homan, who is engaged as a director and actor in productions both in the theater and through the Arts in Medicine Program.

Outside the department, students should consider THE 2931, 4110, and 4111.


Department of English faculty who regularly teach courses in this model include: