Graduate Student Handbook

Requirements for the PhD Dgree


Students must earn within the selected PhD track 21 semester hours (7 courses) beyond the MA (MA = 30 hours + 21 = 51) plus hours of dissertation credit and hours necessary to meet the Graduate School’s minimum enrollment requirements (total = 90, including MA hours).

Area Examinations

Formal Admission to Candidacy follows the successful completion of two area examinations and approval of the dissertation prospectus. These examinations, designed by the student in consultation with his or her four-member supervisory committee, must include an oral and a written component and are based on reading lists drawn up by the student and his or her committee and are expected to relate to and support the dissertation proposed by the student. See the “PhD Area Examinations” section of this Handbook.

Language Requirement

Translating competency in one language and in a second if the PhD supervisory committee judge it necessary and appropriate. See the “Foreign Language Requirements” section of this Handbook.


Written under the supervision of the student’s PhD supervisory committee.

Residency Requirement

All candidates for the PhD are required to complete 30 hours of work in residence at the University of Florida campus beyond the first 30 hours counted toward the doctoral degree (i.e., beyond the MA).

Normal Duration of Degree Work

Six to eight semesters (four of course work and area examinations plus two to four of dissertation preparation). The Department of English will support students pursuing the PhD up to 6 years (12 semesters) of satisfactory progress (including support received for the MA). Summer teaching is not included in these totals. See the “Sample Program” section of this Handbook.

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